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It would be an understatement to say we are very excited about Exilis.  Dr. Popp has been on the forefront of the new Radio Frequency (RF) technology that will tighten skin, and melt fat.  We were the first to have Thermage which was the original RF device. Exilis represents the latest generation RF device that is tolerable, faster, and is effective in some way for nearly 90% of those who choose it. -more-

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You’ve decided you want to have a procedure done. You finally have the courage, the money, the time and the conviction. So how do you go about choosing the cosmetic surgeon that’s the best fit for you? -more-

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DR. JEFFREY C. POPP is a fully certified Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon and has been in practice since 1983.

The staff and health professionals are here to provide patients with the highest quality of cosmetic and reconstructive surgical care available. By pooling our resources and knowledge, we offer the best opportunity to promote and maintain the highest level of medical proficiency. The courtesy and helpfulness of our staff are indispensable ingredients of patient care and strongly influence our patient’s desire to return for future care. We realize foremost that patient care is a team effort. To this end, the clinic’s goal is to help patients realize and maintain a state of physical as well as mental wellness.


Perhaps it’s something you have thought long and hard about.

Perhaps it’s something that you have only recently considered. Whatever the circumstances surrounding your interest in a specific cosmetic procedure, you will find information here that will answer many of your questions and give you insight into concerns and issues that might be foremost on your mind. If you have additional questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them to the best of our ability. Nearly every surgery Dr. Popp performs can be done under straight local anesthesia (numbing the area with just a Novacain-like solution), local plus some sedation (twilight sleep), or general anesthesia (completely out). Those patients worried about being awake can be put out and those fearful of being “put to sleep” can have their surgery done awake and pain free.

After working hard to lose more than 120 pounds, I was left with extra skin on my arms. My daughter in Omaha contacted Dr. Popp, explained that I lived in another state, and asked if he would be willing to do the surgery even though he would not meet me until possibly the day before the procedure. After emailing pictures and basic information, Dr. Popp called me at home to discuss what I wanted done. My mind was put at ease after talking to him. -more-

- P.M., age 50, Mayville, MI

I absolutely LOVE my new look! I was very nervous before my consultation, but Dr. Popp’s information made me feel so comfortable and at ease about the decision. I especially thank you gals on staff because I know I called the office a lot with questions, and you all remembered me and were very helpful every time I called. I know that there are plenty of plastic surgeons in the area, but I am certainly glad that I chose Dr. Popp. -more-

- K.H., age 30, Lincoln, NE

After having two cesarean sections my self esteem was at an all-time low. My stomach was so stretched out that it would never be the same. The more weight I lost, the worse it got! I had an abdominoplasty at Popp Cosmetic Surgery and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. In many ways, I got my life back. Many years later my daughter got bit in the face by a dog. Once again, we turned to Dr. Popp. I would recommend Dr. Popp to anyone. -more-

- S.W. age 41, Omaha, NE

I first met Dr. Popp around the first part of 2009. I had an upper and lower eyelid fat removal. The difference was superb. A few months later I desired to have my face resurfaced. It was even a more noticeable improvement with the total picture. My pictures of before and after the procedures tell the story all by itself. I would recommend Dr. Popp and his great staff to anyone who was thinking of having any procedure done.

- B.L. age 69, Omaha, NE


You may find the dream of the “new you” is more accessible than expected…

…when you take a moment to discuss what you would like to accomplish and understand the number of financial arrangements available to make it happen. And, because of the spectrum of services we offer, our clients are often surprised by the variety of affordable options that can result in the outcome that is desired.

We accept many different insurance plans and Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are also welcomed. If you are interested in using a finance plan, we have two available that offer immediate approval/denial, extended payment options, and other features. Check them out at or 800-365-8295; or 800-510-5638.

The tools are available that can help you decide to make that dream come true.


Your kind words will be rewarded

Because cosmetic surgery is a very personal decision, our referral program is personal and relationship-based. When you are pleased with the service and outcome of your cosmetic procedure and discuss it with your family and friends, you may receive questions and comments that identify potential clients for Dr. Popp’s services. Suggest to these individuals that they call for a consultation and use your name as a referral source. Rest assured, your kind words of reference will be rewarded. When the specific procedure is completed for someone who identified you as a reference, you will receive a generous referral bonus customized for you personally.

It is in this section that you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Dr. Popp and his practice.

If you have questions about a specific procedure, please click on the Procedures section and then click on that procedure for information directly related to that subject. If you still have unanswered questions, please contact us.


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